CRT is committed to supporting outstanding legislative candidates who will fight for fiscal discipline & free enterprise economic policies.


Biblical World View – God’s Word is the basis of law

Support and defend the Constitution of the United States

Pro-life – From conception to natural death

Promote Biblical marriage.

“God created them male and female.” Advocate Biblical sexual morality. (Genesis 1:27, 2:24, Matt. 19:4-5) Protect children from being perverted by liberal sex programs in school.

Support free enterprise capitalism and individual freedom to pursue economic opportunities

Promote America First

Stop election vote fraud schemes in order to ensure fair and honest elections. Only legal citizens can vote.

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Secure our borders, build the wall

Support free political speech and religious liberty

Support gun rights

Cut all taxes

Support school choice, using tax credits and vouchers

Teach American exceptionalism in the schools

No Muslim, Sharia law in America

Employment based upon merit

Support free enterprise solutions for health care

Support an individual’s right to refuse any medical injection, procedure or treatment

Cut government spending and regulation

Eliminate government entitlement programs

Support police to enforce Constitutional law and order to protect the citizens from the leftists and communists

Support capital punishment


Atheistic, Secular World View – “Might makes right.”

Support New World Order agenda

Pro-death – For killing unborn babies and political opponents

Approve homosexual “mirage.” Everyone must affirm and celebrate perverted sexual lifestyles. Promote pedophilia by supporting Drag Queen Story Hour for children. Teach children to accept the perverted transgender lifestyle. (Romans 1:18-32)

Support Socialism/Communism – Government control of economy and citizens’ lives, eliminate opponents

Attack American interests and values

Oppose election regulations and oversight that would stop vote fraud. Allow illegal immigrants to vote.

Open borders

Censor Christian and conservative views

Ban gun ownership

Increase taxes to redistribute income. Tax the producers to buy the votes of the nonproductive

Support government monopoly in education

Teach Critical Race Theory, Marxist propaganda to create hate

Support the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia law

Support affirmative action

Support government controlled health care

Support businesses’ and governments’ decision to force experimental injections and medical treatment

Increase government spending and regulations

Expand government entitlement welfare programs

Promote criminal behavior, rioting and looting during protests. Defund the police

Oppose capital punishment